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Some of Our Customers

Keejays Ltd.   Food manufacturers supplying the major supermarkets.
CC560 machine

Nasaleze Ltd.  

Natural solutions for respiratory ailments.
CC1160 machine

Graham Packaging Plastics Ltd.   Technical and Engineering Consultancy.

William Croxsons & Son Ltd.   The largest independant supplier of glass containers in the UK.

Procter & Gamble Ltd.   CC1160 machine
Johnsons Wax Ltd.   CC550 machine
Bimeda Ltd.   CC1160 machine
Hampshire Cosmetics   CC1160 machine
Broadoak Toiletries Ltd.   CC1160 machines
Cardinal Health.   CC1440 machines
Lea &Perrins Ltd.   CC1700 machine
Nycomed Amersham Plc.   CC1160 machine
Astra Zeneca Ltd.   CC1160 machine
Aromatherapy Ltd.   CC1160 machine
Sara Lee Ltd.   CC550 machine
Boots Co. Ltd   CC1160 machine
Akzo Nobel   CC550 machine, CC720 machines
London Oil   CC550 machines
Cosi   CC550 machines
Aurora Scientific   CC560 machines, CC1150 machine
Aura Soma   CC1160 machine, CC1150 machine
Aquaoleum   CC1160 machine
DDD Ltd.   CC560 machine
Airfox Ltd   CC1450 machine