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"Cap Coder Torque Heads now incorporate Applied Torque sensing and monitoring"
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Cap Coder, based in Chalgrove near Oxford, was established over 30 years ago
as a designer and manufacturer of equipment for the packaging industry.
Cap Coder has a strong customer base, both in the UK and overseas,
founded on integrity, experience and understanding.

If you are interested in our Products and Services and would like to have more information,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be pleased to respond quickly to your request and send further details.

Cap Coder is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Click to see certificate

Capping Machines   Coding Machines
Capping Machines   Coding Machines
Capping Machines for Bottles, Cans, Press caps, Pharmaceutical products, Diagnostic products, Tamper-evident products, Flip-top caps, Pump-action caps, Trigger-spray caps.   Coding Machines for top or bottom coding, any materials. Gentle touch application, pneumatic or electronic control.

Filling Machines
Filling Machines
Peristaltic filling machines, for a variety of liquids, digitally controlled, variable speed, low maintenance, touch screen control.